Along the Way…The True Finish

With concerns about yesterday’s high tide and getting stuck on land known as Hell’s Island behind me, the true finish awaits me this morning. Low tide is at 9:30ish, and I will be able to take my time making the two hour journey to the tip of Massachusetts and back. Wish me luck, and as always enjoy the day.

Also, here’s a link to a story about me in today’s Cape Cod Times.



Along the way…Wellfleet, Truro, Provincetown

After almost four hours of driving this morning, I am finally starting out on the final 22 miles of my cross state hike from Williamstown to Provincetown. There is heavy thick fog, light rain, and strong gusts this morning. Also there's a high surf warning along the eastern portion of the Cape facing the Atlantic Ocean, so I'm going to go with my back up plan taking Route 6 into P-town. Enjoy the day and look for more posts later today.


Wellsfleet to Provincetown

After taking a weekend off to rest, strategize and reflect how I plan to hike the final 22 miles from Williamstown to Provincetown, my plans are now clear.

I believe sometimes one has to wait for spiritual guidance to discern an “opening.” “You are listening to the thoughts in your head, observing external events, and focusing on the sensations in your body and seeking to understand whether the guidance or information you are getting is coming from self, parents, peers, teachers, pastors, culture or a Higher Power.”

I discerned three options in my head for completing the final 22 mile leg of MassWalk, the name I’ve given this cross state hike. I’ve also sought out the Weather Channel frequently over the last week for an opening in Tropical Storm Jose, waiting to see when it was going to pull away from the coast so I wouldn’t have to end my walk in the rain. I also sought guidance from friends on what they thought of my ideas and if they were truly an opening.

One option was to follow my friend BJ Hill’s path up Route 6 across 18 miles of asphalt. It’s the straightest route to P-town. BJ has completed two cross state hikes in since 2008 and he knows what he’s talking about. The second option, a more scenic bicycle route, is to take several back roads passing through the villages of Wellfleet and Truro on the bay side. It’s a little longer and passes by some beautiful areas, yet it still involves miles and miles of walking more asphalt.

The third option, the one I had to wait for guidance on, involves walking 18 miles of coastal beaches from Wellfleet to P-town, mimicking Henry David Thoreau’s famous 1850s Cape Cod walk. It’s also the only surface I haven’t walked on in crossing the state of Massachusetts.

It wasn’t an easy decision because of the difficulty of walking on sand. I had to put off my walk for a day because Tropical storm warnings across the Atlantic side of the Cape the last few days.

Whatever the weather does I’m finishing this weekend. I’m eager to finish at this point. I want to begin focusing next on the 46th Annual Amherst A Better Chance Fall Foliage 5K Walk/Run on Saturday October 14, 2017. I’m trying to raise $200.00 to help this terrific educational program continue its mission here in Amherst, Mass. To make donation of $25, $50, or $100.00, please visit my pledge page: http://www.pledgereg.com/146719

One other bullet point of interest before closing. I was interviewed yesterday by the Daily Hampshire Gazette about my cross state hike. The writer said the paper might run the story tomorrow (Saturday September 23) to coincide with my last day of the hike.

I have so much more to write, but I’m going to stop here so I can get to bed early tonight. I have a three and a half to four hour drive in the morning to reach the trailhead.

Wellfleet beach